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5 Images To Take of Your Kids Today

Is it just me but when your kids are just being themselves do you think “Oh, I hope I remember that?”  With having 4 kids and seeing just how fast they grow up (it’s such a cliche but so true) I really want to freeze time on certain days . . . other days I clock watch until bedtime because parenting is hard!On my good days, I find myself watching them . . . hoping and praying that I don’t forget the little things.  One day last week I realized my youngest was no longer a baby.  This reality made me grab my camera and quietly watch her play for 30 minutes.

In such a short time I realized there are 5 things you have to document on a routine basis because they change so fast.



1 – Independent Play


Nothing makes me breath a sigh of relief like my daughter playing independently.  That’s when I can clean up the kitchen, run a load of laundry, eat and maybe if I’m lucky go to the bathroom by myself!  But the other day I was watching her play and realized I love how she squats, I love how she tries so hard to play games that are challenging for her, I love how her chubby fingers look on the cards.

Grab your camera!  Who cares if the living room is messy (mine normally is).  The shoes by the couch tell part of the story that is your life right now.

2 – Clothing Choices


This should be titled “Clothing Choices – or lack thereof”.  Is your child into dressing like a superhero or princess?  Do they stay in their pjs all day?  Are they fond of winter wear in June?  Or, do they run around with pants 99% of the day.  Capture it so you don’t forget!

3 – Goofy Personality Traits


Mae is my goof ball . . . when she’s not be a challenge.  She normally wears glasses and she’s a big fan of turning everything else into glasses to make us laugh!

4 – Current Milestones


This one is super obvious when your baby is little . . . first bath, first solid, sitting up, walking etc.  But what about after that.  I guarantee you there are going to be so many firsts you want to see!

Mae is working on counting now.  Her counting cookie jar is big hit.

5 – Favorite Toy


No words necessary – – seeing your child play with their favorite toy never gets old.

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