Weekly Meal Planner Printable

Do you find yourself saying “I would eat better if I had more time”?   Or are you like me who races from one activity to the next and by 4 pm feels like you are about to pass out?  As moms, there are so many things that pull our attention away from ourselves but we have to find time to take care of ourselves or we are not good to anyone else.  Remember the crashing airplane analogy where you have to put your air mask on before helping others?? Continue reading “Weekly Meal Planner Printable”

Photography Tips

How to capture real emotion in photographs

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought – “Wow – – I wish my pictures looked like that!”  What is it that makes a good photograph?  I wish I could say that there is just one thing, but in reality there a millions (well, maybe not millions but certainly a lot) of things.

Continue reading “How to capture real emotion in photographs”